真钱的棋牌游戏捕鱼Lost Map’s Strange Invitation, Bellfield, Edinburgh, Sat 12 Oct

Lost Map’s Strange Invitation, Bellfield, Edinburgh, Sat 12 Oct (4 stars)

  • David Pollock
  • 18 October 2019

Lost Map's Strange Invitation, Bellfield, Edinburgh, Sat 12 Oct

Picti24小时上下分捕鱼现金平台sh Trail / credit: Solen Collet

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Homely all-day live music showcase of acts from the label plus some very special guests

Portobello is no stranger to the traditionally church hall vibe of a Lost Map gig, with Johnny Lynch’s Eigg-based boutique label having previously appeared at the Edinburgh seaside suburb’s Town Hall with their on-hiatus signees Kid Canaveral’s Xmas Baubles bash (which is back in Edinburgh this December; they aren’t gone for good). Yet the Bellfield complex is a whole different story, not just for the bands playing, but for the increasingly bohemian locals of Porty. A former church which has been subject to a recent community buyout, this building a few dozen metres from the shore proves to be one of the great untapped live music spaces in the city.

Team Lost Map aren’t even colonising the main church hall, which The List sneaks a look at, to discover a kind of mini-Queen’s Hall with a large stage and nice wooden pews over two tiers. Instead, they’re in the much plainer adjoining hall, which still proves to be perfect for the homely kind of show which Lost Map specialises in – there’s home-cooked food in the kitchen, a bar on a trestle table, and a high wooden stage around which the audience (of all ages, including many children) congregate.

The first artist on, as mid-afternoon approaches, is Faith Eliott, whose set is sparse and raw and beautiful, a hungover kind of an introduction to the day. They’re accompanied by a band which includes Lost Map perennial Bart from eagleowl, and leave us with the aching ‘Black Rabbit’. Other highlights of the afternoon include Fell, London-based songwriter Nicolas Burrows’ quartet, who play a dreamlike indie-pop fantasia, and recent signing Molly Linen, whom Lynch introduces as the artist whose demo tape cured his Hogmanay hangover, which is when he knew he had to release her music.

Fronted by Lynch’s Fire Records label-mate Jane Weaver, the three-piece Fenella make a gorgeous noise, a retro-futurist bed of ambient synthesiser electronica which acts as an imagined soundtrack to Marcell Jankovics’ 1981 cult animation film Fehérlófia. Also on Fire are Cathy Lucas of Innerspace Orchestra’s synthy artpop project Vanishing Twin, and both of the above formed a compelling intro to Lynch’s own band, Pictish Trail, whose own forthcoming album Thumb World was lent a part-premier here.

Amid it all, Leith’s own Callum Easter, a Lost Map signee and Young Fathers collaborator, give a stunning and idiosyncratic gig built upon his own fragile voice, a bed of accordion or electric guitar, and the reverberating chorus which two female backing voices brought. He’s a singular and gifted voice within the Edinburgh music scene, and as the feisty electro-pop of young Edinburgh duo Maranta closed the show after sundown, the feeling was that we’d also seen one of the city’s potentially excellent music venues given a run-out.

捕鱼送金币可以提现金Modern Love, Amazon Prime Video

Modern Love, Amazon Prime Video (3 stars)

  • Brian Donaldson
  • 18 October 2019

Modern Love, Amazon Prime Video


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Anthology of stories about contemporary romance veer from delightful to dull

The current US president might dub The New York Times as ‘failing’, but when it comes to columns about love that can be saccharine, schmaltzy and sweetly sentimental, they have it down to a fine art. John Carney (the Irish writer/director behind Once and Sing Street) has used the newspaper’s source material to curate an eight-part anthology series about individuals and their own gently bruised take on love in the 21st century.

With a cast including Anne Hathaway, Dev Patel, Tina Fey, Andrew Scott, John Slattery and Catherine Keener that is uniformly, exorbitantly photogenic, Olivia Cooke gazumps all of these gorgeous humans by playing a long-term homeless person with a skunk habit who looks like she just stepped out of the shower to go straight onto the catwalk.

Among the stories, we have a gay couple adopting a child from a woman who seems a little wayward; a tech entrepreneur has created the perfect dating app despite being awfully unlucky in love; a young woman with serious dad issues pursuing meaning with her silver-fox boss. Some episodes are endearing, most are a little flat and forgettable, though the half-hour with an excellent Anne Hathaway whose character fails to find love due to her bipolar disorder is a powerful and welcome change of mood and pace.

Equally satisfying is watching Slattery effectively playing Denis Leary. In the episode adapted by Sharon Horgan from Ann Leary’s column about their marriage troubles and attempt at therapy is amusingly distracting, though it’s diluted somewhat by endless scenes of the pair playing tennis in an overcooked metaphor for their unfolding relationship. And in the final episode, the joys of finding new love in old age marginally sidesteps the schmaltz to offer a harsh sense of reality. But even then, Carney can’t stop himself from giving us a finale in which the preceding seven tales clamber their way in, as the anthology’s characters brush past each other. The effect is meant to bring us a comforting closure, but just feels bashed together and queasily predictable.

Episodes watched: 8 of 8

Modern Love is available on Amazon Prime Video, Friday 18 October.

最新手机现金捕鱼游戏平台Broken Chanter, Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh, Thu 17 Oct

Broken Chanter, Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh, Thu 17 Oct (3 stars)

  • Megan Forsyth
  • 18 October 2019

Live review: Broken Chanter, Sneaky Pete's, Edinburgh, Thu 17 Oct

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David MacGregor of Kid Canaveral performs songs from his new, experimental and atmospheric project

Best known as guitarist and vocalist of Scottish alt-pop band Kid Canaveral, David MacGregor unveiled Broken Chanter this year, the adopted moniker of his new solo project. The self-titled debut album released last month features a slew of supporting musicians and vocalists on MacGregor’s indie avant-pop songs.

Broken Chanter is currently on a Scottish tour, joined most nights by Adam Ross of Glasgow band Randolph’s Leap. Ross starts the night at Sneaky Pete’s in Edinburgh with a solo acoustic set of Randolph’s Leap’s whimsical indie pop songs which are unmistakably reminiscent of Belle & Sebastian. He does his best to encourage the crowd to sing along on a couple numbers, but it’s a small, shy audience who seem more content to simply listen.

MacGregor takes the stage next, joined by his live band featuring a guitarist, keyboardist, violinist and drummer. Unfortunately, they immediately encounter some technical difficulties from the first song, but the band push through. ‘Don’t Move to Denmark’ is a highlight with synths, violin, and heartbreaking lyrics like ‘Don’t move to Denmark / don’t stay on可退现金的手机捕鱼 my behalf’ and ‘What if you stay and I disappoint you?’ The songs sound remarkably Scottish thanks to MacGregor’s Glaswegian accent and at times bring the emotional intensity of Frightened Rabbit to mind.

They play most, if not all, nine tracks from the album including standouts ‘Wholesale’, ‘Occupy My Hours’ and ‘Besides Ourselves’ with MacGregor often accompanied by other band members on vocals. Midway through the set, MacGregor takes a stab at the Gaelic song ‘Mionagadanan’, which was sung by traditional Scottish singer Kim Carnie on the album, but it just doesn’t have the same impact without her voice.

MacGregor throws in a couple Kid Canaveral songs, including the favourite ‘First We Take Dumbarton’ before finishing a relatively short set with the atmospheric album closer, ‘Free Psalm’. The crowd cries out for more, but the band calls it a night as they needed to drive straight up to Aberdeen for the following night’s gig. Broken Chanter’s studio recordings are ambient and beautiful, but it seems that MacGregor and the band need a bit more time to best translate them live.

Broken Chanter, The Lemon Tree, Aberdeen, Fri 18 Oct; Braemar Gallery, Sat 19 Oct, and touring.

能下现金捕鱼游戏大厅Lithuanian Days In Scotland aims to ‘make the future connections between our communities more tangible’

Lithuanian Days In Scotland aims to ‘make the future connections between our communities more tangible’

  • Stewart Smith
  • 18 October 2019

Lithuanian Days In Scotland aims to 'make the future connections between our communities more tangible'

Petras Geniušas and Liudas Mockūnas

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Series of events explores the many ties between Scotland and Lithuania that have manifested themselves across the centuries

‘The artistic traditions of Lithuania and Scotland are rooted in the landscape,’ says Justė Kostikovaitė, Lithuanian Cultural Attache in the UK. ‘Its myths and stories, its forces of rejuvenation and awe, the solace it offers.’ Lithuanian Days In Scotland emerged from a desire to share, connect and exchange. ‘By bringing together Lithuanian musicians, intellectuals, storytellers, performers, cineastes and sharing our story, we make the future connections between our communities more tangible,’ adds Renatas Norkus, Lithuanian Ambassador in the UK. ‘We want to cultivate new partnerships and exchange ideas on the pressing issues that face us, to ask what role our past can play in making better solutions for the future.’

The festival opens with a concert from two virtuoso musicians, classical pianist Petras Geniušas and free jazz saxophonist Liudas Mockūnas, at St Cecilia’s Hall in Edinburgh on Tue 22 Oct. Their project, ‘The Sea in the Forest’, takes us on a journey into the visionary world of one of the most celebrated and singular of Lithuanian ar全盛现金捕鱼tists, Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis (1875-1911). Improvising on his piano compositions, the duo ‘transform it into our music and aesthetics, so it becomes very personal for us.’

A teacher at the Lithuanian Music Academy and co-founder of the leading avant-jazz label No Business, Mockūnas plays in solo, chamber and orchestral situations. He has collaborated with the likes of Evan Parker, Mats Gustafsson, William Hooker, Barry Guy and Otomo Yoshihide. He is renowned for his innovative use of water-prepared wind instruments, as documented on his Hydro albums. Mockūnas has worked with Geniušas, who teaches at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, since 2011, and despite their different backgrounds and aesthetics, he finds they can still speak the same musical language. ‘No matter what we play it’s a lot of fun,’ he says.

Other events include ‘Garden of Tales: Stories of Lithuania’, with storyteller Daiva Ivanauskaitė, on Wed 23 Oct, and screenings in Edinburgh and Glasgow of poetic and experimental documentary cinema from the Lithuanian film archive, Meno Avilys. Also on Wed 23 Oct, the University of Edinburgh will host ‘Past to the future: Scotland, Lithuania, Europe’, a roundtable discussion between leading literature and history academics. The programme concludes on Fri 25 Oct with a talk at Glasgow’s Collective Gallery by curator Adomas Narkevičius from the Rupert Centre for Art and Education.

Lithuanian Days In Scotland, various venues, Edinburgh and Glasgow, Tue 22–Fri 25 Oct.

现金捕鱼平台上下分支持微信兑换Who’s playing at The List Hot 100 Party and how to win tickets

Who’s playing at The List Hot 100 Party and how to win tickets

  • Megan Forsyth
  • 18 October 2019

Who's playing at The List Hot 100 Party and how to get tickets

credit: James Gourlay

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Catch some of Scotland’s most talented performers at the annual Hot 100 Party on Fri 1 Nov

This year’s anticipated #ListHot100 will be revealed on Fri 1 Nov, and to celebrate, we’ll be hosting The List Hot 100 Party in Edinburgh that night at The Biscuit Factory, a trendy arts studio and venue located in the heart of Leith. Enter to win tickets now.

The Hot 100 honours musicians, writers, festivals, artists, dancers, filmmakers, venues, choreographers, actors, comedians, theatre makers, initiatives and more that have helped make Scotland a thriving centre of creativity o哪个捕鱼可以兑换现金ver the past year.

Attendees will have the opportunity to enjoy performances from a variety of Hot 100 acts on the night, plus beer from Lagunitas Brewing Co and Johnnie Walker cocktails.

Performers this year include comedian Amy Matthews, pop singer SHEARS, dancer Ashley Jack and indie rock band Savage Mansion, while EH-FM radio DJs will be spinning the party jams. Read on to learn more about these talented acts and why you absolutely shouldn’t miss them.

Amy Matthews

现金捕鱼棋牌电玩城Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds announce UK tour dates, find out how to get tickets

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds announce UK tour dates, find out how to get tickets

  • Julia Kajdi
  • 18 October 2019

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds announce UK dates for Ghosteen tour, see how to get tickets

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Australian post-punk and alternative rock band come to the UK in May 2020, touring their new album Ghosteen

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds have announced several UK tour dates in May 2020 to support their new album, Ghosteen. Tickets for the May 2020 London shows as well as all other UK shows go on sale at 10am on Fri 25 Oct.

The band was originally formed in 1983 by Nick Cave (vocals), Mick Harvey (various instruments), and Blixa Bargeld (guitar). Throughout the last almost four decades there were some personnel changes and the band now lists its members as the following: Nick Cave, Thomas Wydler, Martyn P. Casey, Jim Sclavunos, Warren Ellis, George Vjestica and Larry Mullins who performs with the band on tours. The world-renowned band have released an impressive 17 albums.

The fruitful band has been a unique voice first in the post-punk and later in the alternative rock music scene ever since the release of their very first studio album From Her to Eternity. Their prestigious album line up includes such successful works as Murder Ballads, Nocturama, Push the Sky Away, and Skeleton Tree. Many of their songs are featured in films, while there are various films depicting the band itself on tours.

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds are currently on another tour that gives the audience the chance to listen t现金捕鱼上分器o their live songs as well as hear stories from Nick Cave.

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds will perform in London, Glasgow, Birmingham, Leeds, Cardiff and Manchester in May 2020.

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Ghosteen 2020 UK tour dates:
Sat 2 May – Arena Birmingham
Sun 3 May – Motorpoint, Cardiff
Tue 5 May – SSE Hydro, Glasgow
Wed 6 May – Manchester Arena
Tue 12 May – First Direct Arena, Leeds
Thu 14 May – O2 Arena, London
Fri 15 May – O2 Arena, London

Tickets for the Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Ghosteen tour London dates and for all other UK dates go on sale at 10am on Fri 25 Oct.

捕鱼大师现金版 2018Strictly Come Dancing: The Professionals 2020 lineup revealed, get tickets

Strictly Come Dancing: The Professionals 2020 lineup revealed, get tickets

  • Becki Crossley
  • 18 October 2019

Strictly Come Dancing: The Professionals to tour the UK in 2020, find out how to get tickets

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World-class dancers once again join forces for best selling live tour

Strictly Come Dancing: The Professionals will tour the UK once again in 2020.Tickets for Strictly Come Dancing: The Professionals

The sixteenth series of the BBC’s ever popular dancing competition, Strictly Come Dancing, ended in December 2018 with Stacey Dooley and her professional dancing partner Kevin Clifton taking the crown. Now the seventh series is well underway.

Next year, around 10 dancers will take to the road and between them they have an unbelievable amount of experience and showmanship.

2020 Professionals lineup:
The world class line-up of Strictly professionals performing on the tour are: Australian Open Champion and 2018 finalist Dianne Buswell; Two-time Ballroom and Latin World Champion Nadiya Bychkova; Italian Latin Champion Graziano Di Prima; Professional World Mambo Champion and former Strictly finalist Karen Hauer; World Professional Latin Showdance Champion and 2017 Strictly Champion Katya Jones; undefeated four-time British National Champion Neil Jones; eight-time South African Latin American Champion and 2016 Strictly finalist Oti Mabuse; 2017 Strictly finalist Gorka Marquez; four-time Italian Dance Championship winner Luba Mushtuk and two-time Strictly Come Dancing South Africa finalist Johannes Radebe.

Strictly Come Dancing: The Professionals 2020 tour dates:
Thu 7 May – The Lowry Theatre, Salford (evening)
Fri 8 May – The Lowry Theatre, Salfo街机千炮捕鱼现金rd (matinee and evening)
Sat 9 May – The London Palladium (matinee and evening)
Sun 10 May – The London Palladium (matinee)
Tue 12 May – Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham (evening)
Wed 13 May – Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham (matinee and evening)
Thu 14 May – Blackpool Opera House (evening)
Fri 15 May – M&S Bank Arena, Liverpool (evening)
Sat 16 May – Fly DSA Arena, Sheffield (evening)
Sun 17 May – Birmingham Symphony Hall (matinee and evening)
Tue 19 May – Bonus Arena, Hull (evening)
Wed 20 May – Bonus Arena, Hull (evening)
Thu 21 May – Utilita Arena, Newcastle (evening)
Fri 22 May – Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff (evening)
Sat 23 May – Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff (matinee and evening)
Sun 24 May – Pavilions, Plymouth (matinee and evening)
Mon 25 May – Pavilions, Plymouth (matinee)
Thu 28 May – Brighton Centre (evening)
Fri 29 May – Brighton Centre (matinee and evening)
Sat 30 May – Bournemouth International Centre (matinee and evening)
Sun 31 May – Bournemouth International Centre
Tue 2 Jun – SEC Armadillo, Glasgow (evening)
Wed 3 Jun – Edinburgh Playhouse (matinee and evening)
Thu 4 Jun – Edinburgh Playhouse (evening)

Tickets for Strictly Come Dancing: The Professionals are on sale now.

名盛微信捕鱼注册送100现金Anna Meredith – FIBS – Composer and producer releases her follow-up to 2016 SAY Award-winning album Varmints

Anna Meredith – FIBS (3 stars)

  • David Pollock
  • 18 October 2019

Anna Meredith – FIBS

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Composer and producer releases her follow-up to 2016 SAY Award-winning album Varmints

For all that she’s a compositional expert of breathtaking ability, Anna Meredith remains trapped in the hinterland between her two natural constituencies at the moment. The North Queensferry-raised musician is beloved of classical audiences, although there’s a certain perception from stuffier quarters that her popularity is a confected sop to the youngsters, while in the field of genuinely experimental pop music – which is what she makes – she’s too approved of by the BBC Proms and laden with an MBE to be truly fashionable.

Not that Meredith ought to mind, because she’s getting on with living her best musical life with a level of appreci真钱捕鱼能取现金ation from all quarters. Whichever form her legacy takes – and she’s a musician of such originality that a proper legacy would be deserved, rather than just fond remembrance of a couple of songs which people once liked – it will be her recordings which grant it to her. In which case FIBS, the follow-up to her 2016 Scottish Album of the Year Award-winning debut Varmints, indicates that playful experimenter may be the mantle which suits her best.

Throughout, Meredith appears to be having fun with new and often intriguing combinations of keys, instruments and genres. The addition of electric guitar is an element which her fans may not be used to, although ‘Limpet’, the song which relies on it most, is also the most conventional, with the air of an instrumental Manic Street Preachers B-side. The instrument is also used on ‘Paramour’, whose swirling electronic beats and deep blasts of tuba are at least far closer to Meredith’s ballpark.

With electronica, she appears truly at home; on the opening ‘Sawbones’, orchestral and synthesised elements fusing so as to be indistinguishable, escalating like an over-excited Machinedrum soundscape; on ‘Inhale Exhale’, which takes the elegiac acid riff which is a signature of Underworld and converts it into a soaring piece of pop; and on ‘moonmoons’, ‘Divining’ and ‘Unfurls’, all different flavours of delicate ambient exploration. It’s an album which blends the conventional and the unconventional, and while Meredith’s talent glows when she’s dropped in amid the latter, the former is unfriendly ground to one of her ability.

Out Fri 25 Oct via Moshi Moshi.

捕鱼现金送金币Divided – Ian Pattison’s drama about RD Laing is sad and beautiful

Divided (4 stars)

  • Lorna Irvine
  • 16 October 2019


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Ian Pattison’s drama about RD Laing is sad and beautiful

When it comes to family values, it seems Glaswegian psychiatrist Ronald David Laing subscribed more to Philip Larkin’s tenets than Sigmund Freud. With a tendency towards stripping off and imbibing substances with his patients rather than adhering to quiet intros棋牌捕鱼注册立即送现金pection, his methods were controversial, but often effective. It was the sixties, after all, and attitudes were shifting.

If only his own interpersonal relationships were half as effective. Ian Pattison’s play, first brought to PPP in 2013, is revived here with a brilliant Billy Mack bringing swagger to his original role as Laing, and two subtle performances from new cast members Eva Traynor as outspoken daughter Karen and Sarah Miele as softer, more forgiving Susie.

Laing, it seems, was more interested in intellectual discourse, his love affair with German fiancée Jutta, and playing his adult children off against each other, than ever showing empathy. Sadder still, was that Susie was terminally ill with leukemia when he eventually re-entered her life.

First time PPP director Clare Prenton brings a slow burning tension to Divided. There’s a deep well of sorrow here, but, this being Pattison, the moments of familial conflict are tempered with some glorious one-liners, such as ‘God has a very Glasgow sense of humour’. Suffice it to say, there’s no happy ending, but there’s a resolution, of sorts.

Oran Mor, Glasgow, until Sat 19 Oct.

现金李逵捕鱼Thank You Very Much – Elvis is back in the building

Thank You Very Much (4 stars)

  • Gareth K Vile
  • 16 October 2019

Thank You Very Much

credit: Hugo Glendinning

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Elvis is back in the building

Claire Cunningham’s sense of playful adventurousness has seen her explore multiple genres – spectacular aerialism, dynamic choreography, theatre / dance hybrids – and complex themes with an emphasis on her own autobiography. Thank You Very Much, despite its unlikely celebration of Elvis Presley tribute acts, continues in her tradition of making performance that is intimate, cerebral and emotive, meditative and positive, with a powerful eye for the striking visual moment. While she has never lost her distinctive humour, her ability to collaborate allows other performers to share the spotlight and develop her inspiration into a comprehensive reflection on the relationship between the movement of performers with disability and the impersonators of the King of Rock’n’Roll.

Four performers – Cunningham, Daniel Daw, Tanja Erhart and Vicky Marlin – are joined by the voices of five tribute artists. Each live performer is given an episode, to relate their experiences to the mentoring of a tribute artist, while Cunningham introduces and concludes with her own early memories of Elvis and the connection she felt with the svelte star of the Comeback Special.

An apparently casual structure reveals a series of profound connections: questions of how movement marks out an individual, how the specifics of certain Elvis moves can be broken into a sequence, and how the tribute artist finds an echo in the experimental, live art-tinged processes of Daw, Erhart, Marlin and Cunningham are placed at the捕鱼大师现金版实时反水 service of a gently thoughtful and richly emotional journey.

Couper Institute, Glasgow, Thu 31 Oct–Sun 3 Nov. Reviewed at Manchester International Festival.